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Sustainable Green Certified Business Pledge

Service America Service America Believes With Confidence, In Order For Us To Remain Competitive, Be a Leader In Our Industry and Maintain A Flourishing Business, Service America Must Include The Following In All Management Practices From This Point On:

  • A Safe and Satisfying Working Environment For Our Employees, Vendorsand Customers

  • Provide The Unsurpassed Service’s and Product’s To Our Clients With Cost and Profit In                                          Mind

  • Consistently Strive to Understand and Enhance Our Environmental Management                                             Procedures By Committing To The Following Objectives:

  • Be Informed and Act In Harmony With All Environmental Regulations That Apply To Our                                 Industry

  • Become Educated in Reducing Energy Usage, Preserving Water Resources and Determine Ways to Protect Natural Resources based on our Processes

  • Apply Practices That Improve Energy Efficiency, Decrease Waste Disposal and Develop Procedures that Support Environmentally Friendly Products

  • Become More Environmentally Responsible In All Aspects of Our Business

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