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Don’t Take Chances With Your Company’s Health, Hire A Professional Janitorial Service

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

During Flu season we tend to be conscious of the presence of germs and the possibility of getting sick. But it’s not just during these times of the year that we need to be concerned about keeping our workspaces and businesses as germ-free as possible. How we clean our offices and office buildings has a significant impact on creating a healthy work environment for ourselves and our employees.

Germs In The Workplace

Contact with germs is inevitable, however, a lot of people do not realize just how many germs can hide in a working environment. Even if the office appears clean with swept floors and wiped down surfaces, germs can often hide in unexpected places. There are things we can do to cut down on the amount of germs in our workspaces, and lower the risk of becoming sick.

Around 80% of infections spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, rather than through sneezing or coughing. This makes the idea of keeping spaces clean and sanitized that much more important to the prevention of the spread of viral and bacterial infections caused by contact with germs.

What Are Germs?

Germs are basically tiny living organisms that cause disease and infection. Viruses and fungi are types of germs, as well as E Coli and forms of bacteria. There are certain forms of bacteria that are necessary in order to maintain a body’s health and proper function, however, there is no way for us to tell germs apart, making the need for sanitization that much greater.

Surprising Spaces Germs Lurk

Some of the places in our offices that are riddled with harmful germs are also some of the most unlikely to be kept sanitized properly. Statistically, your workspace or desk is most likely more germ ridden than the office toilet. Over 400 times dirtier than the bathroom, your computer keyboard alone can harbor about 16 million microbes.

Think about how often people eat at their desks, touch their desks and equipment after possibly coming into contact with harmful germs, without properly sanitizing the area routinely. Routine cleaning is the key to keeping the harmful germs at bay. Equipment such as telephones, keyboards, and desk surfaces should be sanitized multiple times a week to maintain a healthy workspace.

Door knobs, break room appliance handles, communal office equipment and other items that experience a high volume of contact with people should all be routinely sanitized to be kept as germ-free as possible.

Don’t Take Chances, Hire A Professional

Ideally, hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service to maintain your office’s healthy environment is the preferred method of keeping sickness from intervening in your company’s productivity. Portland Janitorial Management can provide your business with the routine and professional cleaning it needs in order to remain a healthy and productive space.

Don’t let bad germs cause sickness within your company, be proactive when it comes to cleaning, and hire a team that will keep you and your employees infection free.

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