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Excellence in Business-to-Business Cleaning Services

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

At Service America, we offer a wide range of services – window washing, pavement pressure washing, carpet cleaning and much more. We handle dirty tile and bathroom sanitation. All that and many more types of residential and business cleaning…

We also do what we do in a detailed way, and more of our customers are understanding the value of our approach, and that this investment makes a big difference in their bottom line.

In a way, restaurants and food service businesses are the front line for this kind of special investment in cleaning and sanitation, but even other types of businesses, from real estate offices to dry cleaners to hotels and car dealerships, are recognizing that the same principles apply to them, too.

To put it in perspective, business often works this way – customers come in and see a clean well-maintained modern set of amenities – high-tech bathrooms that smell good and look spectacular – and they get a positive impression and want to come back. On the other hand, if they encounter dingy, dirty facilities, they’re much more likely to blacklist the business. This might sound extreme, but it really does happen. That’s because people can tend to “vote with their wallet” based on almost subliminal impressions – they might not tell you that dirt and filth is why they didn’t like a business – but it shows in traffic results.

Something as simple as the smell in a restroom or the look of tile grout in the lobby has a profound impression on visitors. The best businesses understand this, and they know that their cleaning budget is going to provide a high return on investment!

To get a better idea of how this works, just check out our website and browse some of the pictures and resources we have available. It's not that hard to imagine how investing in sprucing up your business facility is going to attract customers, improve foot traffic and add loyalty to the equation. You’ll benefit from offering visitors a radically different, more livable environment to do business in, and unless you’re an e-commerce drop shipper, this is certain to boost your profits over time.

We are a reliable and professional partner, a trusted go-to business for commercial clients in the Beaverton, OR area. Let us help you to maintain the assets that you have to grow your business, rather than suffering from depreciation and decay. Ask us any questions that you have about the services we offer, and pricing, and scheduling and anything else. We can accommodate your specific business needs, and help you to “get clean” today! Ask Service America about floor services, groundskeeping, restroom sanitation, chemical bonneting, power washing, or whatever you see on our menu of services that your business needs help with. We’re here for you.

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