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Four Scenarios for Pressure Washing Services

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

At Service America, we excel in providing Portland-area clients with excellent cleaning and property maintenance services. Our clients recognize that having these plans in place will decrease risk, improve their bottom line, and enhance their reputation in the community by making their real estate deliver the right impression to visitors.

Pressure washing is one of the keystone services that we provide to our customers. When we haul out this equipment, here's some of what we’re commonly doing.

Building Façades

It used to be that a lot of façade work had to do with brick pointing or stucco replacement. But pressure washing can really improve the look of various building materials, including vinyl, stucco, aluminum, wood or other types of exteriors.

The key is to have the right tools for the job, and the right acumen to get the results you want, without damaging or destroying areas of the siding. Our careful approach leaves your building immaculate and in great condition for the long haul.

Concrete Areas

Pressure washing walkways, sidewalks, patios and other public spaces can make a business look more inviting. When you want a make-over for your business property, it often makes sense to include this kind of pressure washing on areas that experience high traffic on a regular basis, or areas that haven't been cleaned for some time. The results when you apply a good pressure washer to concrete are dramatic and worth every penny for many of our customers who want to keep their curb appeal optimized.


Businesses put a lot of money into their signage, and it's important to maintain that investment over time, to keep it working well for you. However, in this type of scenario, it's even more important to apply a milder pressure to the surfaces. Signage can be extremely delicate compared to other areas of the business property, and so it may even be necessary to remove signage and hand-clean it, to get it brilliantly clean.

Painted Infrastructure

Grime accumulates on paint. That means pressure washing can really add a vibrant look to one of these external areas. It can also help to preserve a paint job, when peeling or cracking can invite rot on the wood materials underneath the paint.

Ask Service America about our services in Bellevue, Lincoln City, Cornelius, and everywhere between Portland and Tacoma, and beyond. We are excited to go to work for you, to show you what your building can look like! You may be surprised what we can do with routine maintenance services, to help you to get more out of your important business real estate assets.

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