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How Often Should Office Area Carpets Be Cleaned?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Having your commercial space cleaned is a significant factor in employee health, and the image you project to your customers. How often your office space needs to be cleaned may be an easy question to answer. How often the carpets need to be cleaned is a bit more challenging.

Although many business owners or managers would love to get the carpets cleaned weekly, it is a bigger project that will cost more than traditional cleaning services like vacuuming or sweeping. Since it is hard to know when to invest in the full-on clean treatment for your carpets, we have developed a guide to help. At Portland Janitorial Management, we offer a variety of cleaning services and procedures for your office and commercial carpets.

Two Factors

Although there will never be an exact answer as to when your carpets should be cleaned, there are two determining factors that should help you decide.

  • Carpet Type: Is your carpet light or dark in color? What is the pile height of your carpet? A lighter carpet with a higher pile height will need more cleaning than something that is dark and very low. This is an essential factor to keep in mind while purchasing a carpet as well.

  • Traffic: Is your office carpet walked on by you and two employees? Or is your carpet at a church or community center and has hundreds of people walking through it every day. The more traffic your carpet sees, the more often it will need to be cleaned.


Now that you have the two most important factors in mind, we can break it down a bit more for you by location. These are estimates; if you see issues with your carpets and visible dirt or stains that the vacuum is not picking up, it is time to give Portland Janitorial a call.

Office Buildings should have their carpet cleaned about every six months. If the rug is dirty or if you can afford to have the carpet cleaned more often, it will only help increase overall office cleanliness.

If you are curious about bars and restaurants, medical buildings, and schools, we suggest having these types of carpets cleaned a little more often. The change of a carpet in a medical structure getting contaminated is much greater than in a traditional office building. Quarterly cleaning is a reasonable estimate for these types of commercial spaces. As always, if there are visible areas of dirt, it is something that should be tended to immediately.


If you want to keep your carpets in good shape before a cleaning, be sure to continually vacuum, treat spots and leave mats at entrances for people to wipe their feet and save some wear and tear on your carpets.

Having your carpets cleaned can give the office a fresh and clean look. Many times after the carpets are cleaned, the office will smell better as well. This will make all of your employees and customers that much more likely to spend time in the office! If you have other questions about carpet cleaning or any commercial cleaning needs, we are always here to help.

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