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Is Your Company Giving Off A Negative Impression? Keeping Clean, Keeps Customers

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

No matter what type of business you manage or company that you operate, your customer's impression of your brand matters more to the success of your company than almost any other aspect. Brand recognition creates customer loyalty, and how your brand is perceived can make or break that loyalty.

Regardless of how professional your employees may be or how good your services or products are, what matters most is your customer's overall impression of your business. Nine in ten consumers agree that they are most likely to have an overall negative opinion if businesses are unclean and disorderly, making maintaining a clean and inviting environment crucial to a business's success.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Impressions

Often times business owners and company managers are so consumed with the daily management of operations that they can overlook the state of the environment in which they operate. Presentation is everything, and if your office, store, restaurant, or other public area is disheveled, unclean, and in poor condition, that will reflect on your company as a whole. Your customers need to feel confident in the product or services you are providing for you to create brand loyalty. Your goal should be to strive for excellence in business and in your business presentation.

Customer Perception Is Your Reality

Customers notice several things immediately upon entering a business, and if these things are not good, they are likely to not forget and forgive easily. A national survey reported that 96% of consumers polled agreed that they would ask to switch hotel rooms if the bedding appeared unclean or unkempt. Almost 88% concurred that the state of the restrooms in a restroom made a direct correlation in their minds as to the safety of the food they were providing.

Making Cleanliness A Priority

As important as a clean environment is to your business's success, it should be considered a top priority of your operations management. Understanding that you need to place more emphasis on the upkeep of your space that you have staff and time to devote the necessary attention to, it is a job that can easily be outsourced.

Get Professional Help

Outsourcing your janitorial and cleaning needs to companies such as Service America can ensure that your business remains in pristine condition while you focus on other managerial duties. Professional janitorial services offer clients a range of options that are designed to fulfill the needs of any size company, from as little as monthly cleaning to daily services.

Your business depends on your customer's loyalty, and the success of your brand relies on its ability to represent stellar service. Don't lose customers over poor impressions of your company's cleanliness; let Service America take care of all of your janitorial needs.

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