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Night or Day Cleaning: What Is the Best Option?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Finding the appropriate time for your commercial cleaning company to come to your facility can be a huge challenge. It is often better for the cleaning service to come at night to ensure employees aren’t disturbed. However, there are some situations where having someone available to clean up messes as they occur is best. For some business owners, trying to figure out if they need day or night cleaning services is dependent on their budget or the best way to reduce energy consumption.

Benefits Offered by Daytime Cleaning Services

There are several benefits offered by having a cleaning company that provides care for the facility during the day. One of the biggest arguments for having cleaning services during the day is that it is easier to see grime and dirt during the day, which ensures a deeper clean. Some of the other reasons to consider daytime cleaning include:

improved energy efficiency: During the day, while other people are in the building, it means the cleaning service doesn’t require the building to be lit or climate-controlled after hours. This saves on energy costs.

  • Better response time: Cleaners will arrive at the facility early in the morning before most employees get to work, which helps reduce interruptions.

  • Enhanced security at night: If your cleaning service is present during the day, it means fewer people are coming and going at night, reducing the need for additional security after hours.

While these benefits are appealing, there is also an argument for nighttime cleaning services.

Benefits Offered by Nighttime Cleaning Services

Sometimes, having professional cleaners come in at night will be best. A primary reason for this is that the cleaners won’t interrupt employees, and employees won’t interrupt them, which results in deeper cleaning of the facility.

Some of the more specific reasons to opt for nighttime cleaning include:

  • Fewer interruptions: While professional services are trained to work efficiently without causing a disturbance, some facility managers still prefer cleaning work to be done at night to avoid employee disruption.

  • Improved safety and health: It’s important to note that approximately 20 million people are allergic to dust and dust mites. This may be problematic because a cleaning team will kick up dust while cleaning. When cleaning at night, this isn’t a concern.

It’s important to note that cleaning technicians will wear PPE – personal protective equipment – such as goggles and rubber gloves to meet the standards set by OSHA; however, other people in the building won’t have this protective gear. This is another reason that nighttime cleaning may be the preferred option.

Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Service Matters

When it comes to having your commercial facility cleaned, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to do plenty of research and reach out to schedule an appointment once the right professional service provider is found. Being informed and knowing the benefits of night and daytime cleaning will ensure the desired results are achieved.

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