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The Importance Of Workplace Cleaning And Disinfecting

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Our workplaces are magnets for germs and viruses that can make our employees and our customers sick. Never before has it been so important to keep work surfaces clean as we are experiencing an emerging disease event. While we may routinely clean the floors and shared spaces such as break rooms and restrooms, there are a myriad of other surfaces that should be sanitized in order to help prevent the spread of illness.

Common Workplace Equipment

Some of the common workplace equipment that should be regularly cleaned and disinfected include computer equipment, telephones, and office equipment. Special cleaners can be used to ensure that these items are not damaged in the process of cleaning. It is important to read all of the labels of any cleaning product before using it in the home or the office workplace.

Viruses And Germs

Viruses and germs can live on workplace surfaces for up to two to eight hours and can remain infectious during this period. While hand washing is a primary method of keeping oneself safe from illness, the workplace offers a hectic and fast paced environment in which many surfaces are touched throughout the day. Only through thorough cleaning and disinfecting of highly used items and spaces can we reduce the risk of infection.

How Contamination Happens

Viruses and germs are spread by people touching a contaminated surface and then touching their mouths, eyes, or noses. Droplets form an infected persons mouth or nose can also be carried through the air, making contact with another individual who then becomes contaminated with the virus or germ. Keeping hands sanitized and well as highly trafficked areas cleaned and disinfected can minimize the spread of infectious disease.

Cleaning Versus Disinfecting

Many common cleaning methods and products may kill certain germs and viruses, however in order to properly sanitize an area or an item, it must be disinfected. Disinfecting incorporates the use of chemicals or tools that kill the virus and germs on contact, rather than risking merely moving them around. Most viruses are destroyed by chemical germicides such as chlorine, alcohols, iodine based antiseptics, and abrasive detergents if used correctly and for the recommended period of time.

Professional Cleaning Services

It is important for any business or industry to employ a professional cleaning service that can properly clean and disinfect workplace surfaces. These services can be contracted to do as much or as little as needed and can also provide deep cleaning in the event an outbreak of illness has occurred.

For information on proper workplace disinfecting, contact Service America to find out how your workplace can benefit from professional commercial cleaning services.

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