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The Value of a Good Service Provider

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Portland-area businesses and homeowners can get excellent property maintenance service

from Service America. Here's how we approach every job to give our customers the best outcomes they can expect with quality cleaning and maintenance services.

Service that’s Easy to Set Up

First, we know that these services work best when it's easy to sign up, and easy to negotiate work with your service provider.

Our online bid engine is only part of the set of resources that we've put together to help our customers get a seamless and smooth process for getting the services that they need. Our scheduling people are also really skilled at working through challenges and coming up with solutions in a way that doesn't require so much up-front negotiation or hassle.

Service that’s Prompt

Some of the other challenges that customers have with property maintenance and cleaning services happen on the ground, after they've made the initial agreement to get things done.

If you have trouble getting people to show up, and the work that you expected still isn't done after a certain amount of time, things start to get tense. Clients have put the work into investing in this service, and so they need it to be demonstrated that someone's at work on their property. When there’s an agreement in hand, people want to see that things are developing. In the big business world, there are performance bonds taken out for this specific purpose. In the smaller contractor’s world, the client just has to have a baseline amount of trust for their contractors.

We make it a point to be prompt and to get work done on time, while making sure everyone knows what's going on at a business site. This alone can eliminate many of the problems that other companies have with unsatisfied customers.

Service that’s Thorough

Here's the key to the finished result of some of these services like power washing, maid service and more. The work needs to be done thoroughly, and with attention to detail.

Some of these services seem basic. They seem like things that any company could do, because they don't require high-dollar equipment or specialized technical knowledge. But that doesn't mean that you're going to get equal results no matter who you call. In fact, that’s not true at all! It turns out that while “anybody can do” these things, not everyone does them well. You can get amazing comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services, or you can get something that looks half done, where a company tried to get by with the minimum.

Ask Service America about great property services in the Portland or Tacoma metro areas, or nearby.

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