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What Does Your Building Say About Your Business?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Despite the adage to “Never judge a book by its cover,” it’s human nature for people to be influenced by outward appearances. First impressions can have a significant effect on the success of a business, which is why Service America is devoted to keeping homes and businesses clean and immaculate. Here are some of the ways that can help business owners impress customers with a building that’s clean, inside and out.

Most business owners know they need to keep their offices clean on the inside, but it’s not uncommon for elements of the outer appearance to get less attention. However, since customers see the outside of the building first. Keeping the exterior clean is just as important as cleaning the interior. A building that looks dingy and old can scare away potential customers, who assume the lackluster exterior is a symptom of a poorly-run business.

Service America can perform many tasks that help to keep a building's exterior looking its best. We can pressure wash almost any surface, and we can clean any and all windows in the structure. Besides these basics of exterior maintenance, our team can provide a host of additional services to beautify the outside areas of a commercial structure.

Our porter services include parking lot cleaning, pressure washing, lighting replacement, remodeling, and structural repairs, concrete sealing, light fixture cleaning, painting services, and grounds-keeping. Using Service America to maintain your building's exterior ensures that people get a good first impression when they visit your location.

Service America also goes above and beyond when it comes to cleaning the interior elements of a building. For example, our team can expertly clean the carpeting in your structure. Carpets are notoriously easy to stain, especially when the building is open to the public. It doesn't take long for someone to knock over their coffee or drink. Stains on the floor are easy to notice, and they detract from the overall beauty of the interior décor.

Service America can provide carpet cleaning services such as deep clean extraction, chemical bonneting maintenance programs, carpet protection applications, as well as carpet spotting and sanitizing. The tools and techniques we use to clean carpets can also be used for cleaning furniture in the building. The team at Service American can handle upholstery cleaning, as well as cleaning the material on office chairs and moveable partitions.

We can clean floors that use materials other than carpeting. Floors with tile or hardwood material can also be stained or in need of restoration work. Service America can get your floors looking good as new by providing services such as strip and wax systems, auto scrubbing, surface scrubs, and re-coating, and black mark removal. We can also provide high-speed burnishing using propane or electric, and we can refinish hardwood floors. Using these services can keep your floors looking shiny and new for years to come.

Besides the services mentioned above, Service America can also provide general janitorial services. Our team can handle restroom sanitation, general interior cleaning, wiping down glass surfaces and windows, replacing cleaning supplies and paper products, and more. When you use Service America, you know your building will be clean from top to bottom.

With Service America, you can rest assured that your building is making an excellent first impression on visitors. Service America is available for homes and business along the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Salem. Send us a message online if you have any questions about our services or you would like to get a free quote.

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